Smarter Camping 2011

This one is held at the Berakas Forestry Recreation Park last weekend. We Beach Bunch suppose together joining with the Smarter to clean up the beach one but ended up we just hang around with them coz the beach is cleaned so we just put down our garbage bag and enjoy the sunset and the beach.
This is my first time cleanup campaign which have no rubbish to collect one... Really awesome lah!!!
Love to see beach can be like this all the time, seriously it really surprise man!!!
Not only the beach was cleaned there and also the park had some new facility which I don't know when they build! 

The Founder of Smarter giving us some info about the Autism kids

Nice or not this picture?

Everyone having fun with the beach here.

Their camp house...

I like the idea of using the leaves to do the decoration. Creative!!!!

And this also

"Leave Nothing But Footprints"