Now I Really Angry The Angry Birds

Angry Birds now days who don't else don't know them. Every my daughter coming 2 years old also know Angry Birds. But anyone of you play this game play until angry???? I'm sure not really right!!!
Does anyone out there this apps made in which country??? Don't know right!!! Is made in Finland.
I been playing this game almost 2 years already. It started early 2009 with the first version. Now I prefer the Angry Birds Season and Angry Birds Rio version. 
At first I play this AB Season I don't feel mad one... I can even finish the whole stage with in 2 day, but then the AB Rio launch already them no more giving us the all stage level. Now even the AB Season also the same things. So now every day I have to wait for the new stage to release. ARHHHH........ I cannot tahan ah like that!!! Now the whole game I have to wait other 20 days then can finish playing ah!!! Feel like I'm want to be the Angry Bird fly into the apps and breaking the cord to open it all!!!! 

This is today latest stage level no 9.

Level 10 still got 6 hours and 58 minutes to go.......

Level 30 have to wait until nest 3 weeks. Jialat lah!!!

This one Angry Birds Rio  long time already still not yet. Coming Soon coming soon..... Where got soon Oh!!!!!!