My Favorite Pasar Malam

Have you ever think that what is the real name for this "Pasar Malam" which is that only for one year one time during our HM's birthday??? I eat until now still don't know what is the name for that. Only know is called Sultan's Birthday Pasar Malam. 
Every year I sure visit it there from that year I know how to drive car. From single the time go lepak-lepak with the gang, From dating until married until now got anak... Doesn't matter what status I am still like to come here one year one time.
I don't know you have a same think like me or not.. coz every year I visited here only one thing I want to see is "Got New Stuff To Sell There Or Not" 
Is true... every year we always see they selling the same old stuff like Balloons, Longan/Mata Kucing, CD, T-Shirt.... Boring kan.... but still want to go coz hope to see new stuff selling there.
This year of coz got something different lah.. What is popular this day??? 
Angry Birds of coz... From bags to T-shirt, Sandals to Dolls..macam-macam one Angry Birds merchandise pun ada lah.

One thing there is new I never see have selling in Brunei here one is there one booth selling fried Potato. Their potato is different one.  2 dollars per one stick with many different flavor to choice.
The first time I see this is in Taiwan's Tv Channel. Their Night Market also got selling it but is more crispy, crispy like koropok one. This one they selling one is a bit soggy lah.. if can fried a little bit long make it crispy is much better loh. Whatever is that lah also have to thanks them bringing this food to Brunei and now I not need fly to Taiwan and try this there. 

I'm old already and ada anak also... if not sure I get one of this ..hehehe!!!

Where is Google????

Do check out her booth... Her stuff really catching my eyes. I was wondering why how come her teeth got colorful lights blinking-blinking one.. lupanya ani!!!

The biggest Angry Birds in Town.

If is Real one how a????

Why no Angry Birds one????? I want o.....