My Daughter's Kerja lah!!!

Ok now my cute little angel girl starting turning into a little devil already. She now learning what is art and how to make things beautiful using her imagination. She took my DSLR as the experiment for her first project. Sticking sticker on the camera Front & Back. Isn't it look great with her art and look fancy with my camera now? 
Some time is hard to say 'No' to our kids when they want to do something especially when they have all this kind imagination come out from Noway one! No wonder last time I always heard the uncle auntie said "Parents Not Easy To Do Ah......" Now I can understand what they mean.
Now is my camera... so what's next? I hope is not my passport lah... Don't later I go Kuala Lurah to have happy hour and the immigration officer ask me 
"Are you sure you are Hello Kitty kah?"