Recently I'm looking for a guitar coz I'm thinking of learning it again. Yes again which mean I had learned it before during my school time. The reason why I want to play it again is because I want to teach my daughter to sing together with me. I think this is a good way also to having fun time with my kid too. So anyone of you got second hand one and would like to let go please let me know. Of coz lah I looking for for cheap cheap one... Don't let me know you want to sell me a Gibson or Fender brand coz I can tell you I can't afford it walaupun is a second hand one.

Yeah talk about the expensive guitar have you ever wondering which guitar is the most expensive one???
Don't know right!!! I was bumped into this website called Most Expensive.Net  and found out the most expensive guitar is this one and it cost 3.7 millions us dollars. click here for more detail.

This site also showing you a lot of different type of most expensive stuff like gadget, car, foods, boat, animal etc... macam-macam ada lah!!! Even the most expensive apps in iTunes also have. 
Go take a look and let's cuci your mata!!!!
btw... I'm looking for a acoustic guitar not electric guitar!!! Thanks!!
Oh ya.... My friend Conia she also looking for second hand washing machine, LCD Tv screen and Microwave and Alan is looking for a Fridge too.