Mobile's Bad Habit

I believe nowadays you and me also got happen like this when you gathering or chill with your friends in the cafe or restaurant. Sit down together but not having a same channel! You play your Nokia, I play my iPhone. So what the point to gang out???
I not really like it seriously coz I feel like I rather stay at home and blogging lagi better. If is reply message Ok lah..I understand one but don't tell me you reply message needed 10 minutes to do it right! Someone are more worst... Playing apps and siok sendiri there. Come on.. hello I still here lah friend, Do I look transparent to you ka??? I know I had be a bit over reaction about this issue but hey come on this is true bah!! Some time we are too much with the phone. Technology made us to connect the world but someway it disconnect our nearest people. Don't you think so?
Just like this picture on top one I took at the one of the chinese restaurant, 10 people sit down together with 4 joining table and having breakfast there but I didn't hear them talking to each other coz everyone have their own world with their smart phone... Facebook, Twitter, Angry Birds are the one who talking with them. Hey come on this is really happen in our real world now.
So if you are one of that people also please watch the video i linked below.
This is a really awesome video from a Thailand Telecommunication company.
I can say this is really touching my heart and I must share with you all. Hope after you watch it and next time when you Jam with you phone the time please think of this video!!!