Last Week Lunch At Pizza Hut

So wanna know more me what's up on last week?
Yeah I have lunch at Gadong Mall Pizza Hut with the Blogger Gang there. We not have any Samseng activity but just tasting their Starzbites Cheesy Extreme Pizza. Jialat man... I eat sampai my jean's button also need to open. Too full and to much liao.. Now I can't eat as much as last time sudah... If ten years ago I can finish the whole big pieces but now 2 slice I have to say stop already. 
Don't play play.... if you want to try this make sure call up some more friends to enjoy it together with you otherwise I think you sure end up like me sit down there cannot move!!!
It started last week 6th July, 2011 and in conjunction with their new hot value card. Visit any Pizza Hut outlet or call 2226111 to ask ask them lah. oh ya.. their promotion valid until end of August only.