What is hot this day??? Not only the weather and angry birds but also this "Laminton" too.
Laminton is a sponge cake with cube shape and coated with a layer of chocolate icing and desiccated coconut and is easily can found in Australia cafe or coffee shop. During my trip last few month at Perth I remember my Mother in Law like to eat it. Now I can tell her not need to go far far to have it coz Mr.Baker also have serve this pastry here. And it comes with two different flavors; Mint and Custard.
I personally like their Mint flavor one, it's rich with the chocolate and fleshing with the mints. Custard one also not bad but I really like the Mint one, every bite it make me think of fresh milk. So I suggest you have milk together with it.
If you never try with it I'm sure you gonna think that look like the local Malay's Kuih Kusui. Am I right? Me also the having the same problem too. When in Perth the time I also sak sak when my mother in law bought this there. I was surprise that they also have serve Kuih Kusui there sekali I bite baru tau is not!!!
I remember the time I ate there is Strawberry jam  flavor one. So I wondering are they Mr.Baker also got that or not, Yes they have... not only have strawberry jam flavor but also with Mango fillings too upon your request one lah!!! Is available now at their main branch unit 106, Ground Floor,Bgn Bersurat, Jln Batu Bersurat,Gadong (opp to Basketball Court), or at the Jerudong Park Medical Centre Main lobby.
contact number: 673-2426020