I'm The Winner

Hahahaha..... I know this is sound childish but who CARE anyway!!! I the winner and it's FUN
The reason I going this is because months ago one of my friend he action action keep telling people that his name search result are more them me in the Google but then today the google showing my name in there are more than him(last second place) 10 times ah!!!! hahahahaha 
Lah..Lah...Lah...Lah..Lah...Lah... You Cannot catch me!!!! lol.
Ah show off off some more and now see how you catching me this time in google!!!

So guys I think this is fun lah.... You should try this also, see how many hit you have with your Facebook's name can search in the google. Snap shot it and crop it and post in your FB and let's see who can beat you down. hehehehe!!! Let's do it!!!