I Went There But Didn't Attended

The reason was I didn't know it was so formal. After I got my carpass and passing the security guard house and part my car then I just realize everyone wear so nice and I just wear a quarter paints with Beach Bunch T-shirt. I kinda feel malu if I walk into the event and witness the ceremony. So I just took picture of the DST tower and back into my car.... 
Hey Bruther... how I know it was so grand one oh.... Some how last night it was so hot man!!! Of coz I don't feel like wanna wear long paints or long shirt la right!!! 
So at the end of the day I went to one my bruther's house and having BBQ.
Btw congrats to DST on their launch with new identity and an MoU signing ceremony with iCenter for DST's new start up funding program for Bruneians called the 'The Future Fund'.

People parked their car on the road side just to waiting to see DST's Firework show!!!

This is the things make me NO SOUND today!!! I need "Cap Ibu Dan Anak" for my throat.