Do you know how to play with this thing Harmonica??? If you don't know is Ok lah but if you want to buy this thing do you know where to buy it? I'm sure you think is the musical instrument sotre right, Not really.... I try some local musical store and they don't selling it. 
Recently I'm thinking to buy a musical instrument to play with my daughter, At first I'm thinking to get a guitar (posted last week) but at the end I didn't coz I sure someday it were broken by my daughter. So after few days of consideration I finally chose to get a Harmonica. Is easy to play and tahan lama and fun also.. all you have to do is "Blow and Suck"...... don't think in dirty way ok!!! It is true using your mouth to blow and suck the harmonica to making the sound out. Although is sound nasty with what is say but frankly speaking I don't know how or what words to describe it anymore.

So back to the subject where can buy this Harmonica? Unless you want to buy a very high end then you go online or oversea to buy lah, if not you just go the old skoll "Book Store"I'm sure you can found it there. Same like my this one here I bought it at one of the Book+Stationary shop at Gadong there and is very cheap...only cost few dollars and it sound great too. Last time the 1st Emporium got sell but this days I didn't see anymore.
Why stationary shop have selling this I also don't know. All I know is where it can find it there from long long time ago. Back to 70's 80's already is like that.

You know what??? last time our hey day where got so many entreatment one. Even my father time 50's 60's also same same not much change, only late 80's and 90's baru start popular lepak lepak, Karaoke or Walkman, Discman, Game boy or Nintendo like that.
Men on at time only like to play guitar or singing like that. So Harmonica dulu-dulu is very popular for a man Gadget la coz is small and convenient to bring... just put in the pocket and you can bring anyway liao. School, Beach or Kampong as long sit down with few buddy then can play it and sing together.

Of coz this day I don't think this instrument are accepted by the Y-Generation anymore coz you know lah iPhone, iPad all this is enough for them already.... some how the gadget no expensive one where to want to buy right!!! Sikit-sikit already going to cost few hundred or thousand dollars sudah!!!
So anyway after so many year already I can't believe that I still know how to play that thing man....
mmmm.... no wander I so good in Bluffing lah!!! hahahaha!!!!