Habis Kerja Loh!!!

Hai ya.... so fast ah now I can start blog blog lagi liao after the busy week I have. 
Sorry for the wrong info I had told at last last few post that I said I busy for the Bridex event. I did busy it but not at the Hall there is at the Empire Hotel there... That's why I was blur blur the receive sms from some people asking me which booth I am?????
I'm not handle the job there, I just be a backup staff for my ex-colleague in Empire hotel but funny things is everyone of the senior stuff thought that I'm back to work in the hotel again. 
I'm having a good time this few days in the hotel... it feels like I'm back to the home again. Every things is just like the same old day. Kinda miss it but I don't like to have it everyday lah!!!
So I'm friends there hope to see you guys again next time!!!