Exotic Pets Expo 2011

Don't miss this out the Exotic Pets Expo 2011 at the Kiulap Hua Ho Mid Year Sale Expo.
Inside they have more than 40 different snakes and reptiles. Most of the collection is owned by Eddy. Check out his blog here. Is really worth to have a look inside there unless you are a Ophidiohobic "afraid of snake" one lah! Yes at 1st I am a bit afraid of touching them but after a while understand them I start not takut and dare to touch them. It feel really smooth for some snake and I didn't expected they are so good boy and good girl. 
I see this hobby getting popular on this day... I also feel like want to keep one also but I was told by Ezam make sure I really love this pet and can taking care them for 15 to 30 years coz some of this animal can live up to 30 years long so make sure you really take them as your part of family. Don't just play play for few years then throw them away like no body. So after the few consideration I think I quit for this hobby coz I don't think I can tahan that long. So I', going back there again but this time with my family.. It is great place for family and kids to visit and is really worth for some education about the reptile also.
It started opened already from today 22 July until 21 August time 10am-10pm. $3.00 for kids, $6.00 for adult and half price for senior citizen to entry.

He so brave

I guess snake also know how to choose people one... 

Adik ni macam Pro lah!!!

She look sexy..... 

I see numbers!!!!! Did you see what I see??? hehehe