EHCC Canteen's Foods Review

Hehehe.... Actually I want to do this review long time already but it just that I do have the chance, Why?? because I only started blogging after I resign from that hotel.
OK let's talk about the Empire hotel canteen foods.... If you are the 1st time having lunch there sure you telling yourself if "Not Bad" but the same question asking the stuffs there for working many years one they were said "No"
Of coz lah..... you everyday makan there for sure felt boring one lah right!!! Some how so many people working in that hotel how to satisfy everyone mouth right!! 
Ok so last week I back to that hotel as a support stuff this time and I finally have a chance again to eat their canteen's foods. Guess what..... It still the same taste and combinations I had it on the first time eight years ago. I feel like I back to home when I biting the food...So many memories suddenly rush back in front my eyes....sweet!!!! So many years already didn't eat here and it still the same taste. Luckily that day they serve Chicken Curry and that's is the staffs favorite, if is fish... Jialat man I rather just eat the white rice and salads.
So what's the conclusion of the foods?
Not so nice but Ok and 100% guaranty can full your stomach!!