Busy For Some of This Event

Just recently get call to do some show for this event so.. I might busy for this few days lah.. So maybe not much time to update my blog start from today. But still tomorrow I'll post the Swiss Hotel one night stay voucher winner. So those people who had participated one don't forget to watch my video Ok. I also want to share one info to all of you. If you coming to see see look look this Bridex remember don't straight away drive your to Jurudong Park and hope can park your car there or near the Bridex Hall there. This year is something different like last year. I heard from one of my friend who doing their event there he told me. Park your car at the Tungku Beach or the UBD, they have shuttle bus provided at that particular area. So this morning I pass by that area I did saw the sign over the two places. So remember don't tarus drive to Jurudong Park oh....that is for those people got special pass one o...park your car at UBD or Tungku Beach there!! So I hope this post can help you to avoid the unnecessary traffic jam or have to make a big u turn again.