Busy Because Of This Lah!!!!

Mother........ this thing really make me wasted my time for 4 days man.... 4 bloody days to fix it!!!!
Tell you like this I'm sure you don't get it one right!!!! The story is like that one lah, Last Sunday I went to Kiulap and bought this 640GB HD coz I want to transfer about 40GB of my photos and video from my Macbook. Don't play play.... my Macbook only left 8GB inside there if I don't transfer it all I don't know how liao!!!. Then I spent 20 minutes to it transfer to my new external HD and I did double check is it all transfer inside before I delate the file inside my Mac. Then after I restarted my Mac again and plug in the HD; don't know what the joke is it..... all the photo and videos semua all gone!!!! Really feel like want to smack the HD man that time..... The whole years photos included my baby daily life, Chinese New Year, Friend's wedding, events and Australia trip photos all hilang!!!
After when I really feel hopeless about it the time then suddenly I remember 7 years ago I did buy a software from internet it can recovery pictures,video, mp3 and other files and data but it only can use by the Window. So no choice I have to use my old Asus M5 to do the job, luckily she wasn't that bad although already got 6 year but still can run the recovery system more than 48 hours not stop.
No choice lah.... 640GB of coz have to take more time to recovered one lah right then I spend two days to pick and choose and buang the pictures, videos after recovered one. Some more the software it will recover different size. A same picture or video some time it recovered 3 or 4 time. 
Of coz it will not 100% can recovery all the file but not too bad I got it back like 90% of it!!! Better than nothing lah right!! 
So now I had learn the lesson about this incident. Buy a new external HD back home make sure reformat it yourself again one time and restart or wait for 2 days again make sure everything is ok then delate the old one!!!

P/s: My recovery software really powerful man... kana delete or format one memory card or HD still can recovery... so better don't play play with your phone camera taking monkey picture oh!!! Unless broke into two part or fire burn lah!!!