Big Bird

I sure everyone of you definitely know who is Big Bird right!!!! Yea Big Bird is a big yellow bird from the US children Tv program name Sesame Street . I'm not sure how long already is this Tv program but I think I had watched this about 30 years ago. Among all the animal, puppet and monster inside there I love Grover (the skinny blue monster). Sometime he be a Super Hero, sometime is a waiter but whatever he act always very annoying one...hehehe.
So what about the Big Bird??? Why I want to talk about this Big Yellow, Always Slow Slow and Looks Lonely one Bird???
The thing I want to say is........
Until Now I still don't know this Bird is a Male or Female....... During my kids time I always thought that Big Bird is a She, the reason is because Big Bird always give me a feeling that she look and act like a auntie especially her hair, the pink eyes lips and the auntie voice... see look like a auntie or not? So all this time I thought is a She.
But now I started confusing coz someone said Big Bird is a Male. Yeah... is some sense it does look like a Male too...  
So can you tell me BIG BIRD is a Male or Female??? So next time my daughter ask me the time I can answer her. Thanks