Belait River Oil Spill

This posted on today's local news paper, as you know lah we this Beach Bunch people sure cannot miss one, so we go see see look look what's happening there and how it happen. When we reached at the Belait River mouth the time ngam ngam already low tide so we can went down to the river mouth and take a look and see how serious is the oil spill there. But after 20 minutes see see look look we don't found any oil spill around the area and the rocks. So we went back in the Belait river see how lah... still not sign of oil spill. Then last last we went to the Kuala Belait Marine Department and ask see how. Finally we know what's happens about the story and we also chat with the saved crew of the sunken tug boat not the barge lah. And it is happen at 24 nautical mile off the Belait river not in the Belait river lah, is some where near at the Ampa patches at 23 meters deep. So whatever is that the most important I think is all the crews are safe now and at the moment now they are still under investigate and hope that they can go back home soon lah!!!
For more detail about the story I think is better to read tomorrow's Brunei Times news paper again lah! 
 No oil spill found at the river but see a lot rubbish and one crocodile having suntan lah!!!

At the Belait River mouth

Checking rocks got oil at there or not! Luckily found nothing!

Rubbish got a lot there too... 

This is where the Buaya having his suntan just now!!! Did you see the foot print there?

Crews safe, see... they are siting behind me there but look tired lah!!!