I Went There But Didn't Attended

The reason was I didn't know it was so formal. After I got my carpass and passing the security guard house and part my car then I just realize everyone wear so nice and I just wear a quarter paints with Beach Bunch T-shirt. I kinda feel malu if I walk into the event and witness the ceremony. So I just took picture of the DST tower and back into my car.... 
Hey Bruther... how I know it was so grand one oh.... Some how last night it was so hot man!!! Of coz I don't feel like wanna wear long paints or long shirt la right!!! 
So at the end of the day I went to one my bruther's house and having BBQ.
Btw congrats to DST on their launch with new identity and an MoU signing ceremony with iCenter for DST's new start up funding program for Bruneians called the 'The Future Fund'.

People parked their car on the road side just to waiting to see DST's Firework show!!!

This is the things make me NO SOUND today!!! I need "Cap Ibu Dan Anak" for my throat.

Busy Because Of This Lah!!!!

Mother........ this thing really make me wasted my time for 4 days man.... 4 bloody days to fix it!!!!
Tell you like this I'm sure you don't get it one right!!!! The story is like that one lah, Last Sunday I went to Kiulap and bought this 640GB HD coz I want to transfer about 40GB of my photos and video from my Macbook. Don't play play.... my Macbook only left 8GB inside there if I don't transfer it all I don't know how liao!!!. Then I spent 20 minutes to it transfer to my new external HD and I did double check is it all transfer inside before I delate the file inside my Mac. Then after I restarted my Mac again and plug in the HD; don't know what the joke is it..... all the photo and videos semua all gone!!!! Really feel like want to smack the HD man that time..... The whole years photos included my baby daily life, Chinese New Year, Friend's wedding, events and Australia trip photos all hilang!!!
After when I really feel hopeless about it the time then suddenly I remember 7 years ago I did buy a software from internet it can recovery pictures,video, mp3 and other files and data but it only can use by the Window. So no choice I have to use my old Asus M5 to do the job, luckily she wasn't that bad although already got 6 year but still can run the recovery system more than 48 hours not stop.
No choice lah.... 640GB of coz have to take more time to recovered one lah right then I spend two days to pick and choose and buang the pictures, videos after recovered one. Some more the software it will recover different size. A same picture or video some time it recovered 3 or 4 time. 
Of coz it will not 100% can recovery all the file but not too bad I got it back like 90% of it!!! Better than nothing lah right!! 
So now I had learn the lesson about this incident. Buy a new external HD back home make sure reformat it yourself again one time and restart or wait for 2 days again make sure everything is ok then delate the old one!!!

P/s: My recovery software really powerful man... kana delete or format one memory card or HD still can recovery... so better don't play play with your phone camera taking monkey picture oh!!! Unless broke into two part or fire burn lah!!!

Yo What's Up BRUTHER!!!!!!

Just incase you don't understand what I talk talk in the video... subtitle are typed in below the video.

Last night all of sudden I came out this word 
So what does it mean??? Actually is same meaning by "Brother or Bro" as what this day people address their male buddies, friends, relatives, classmates and even to a strangers.
For me some time I called my friends "Brother" either I ask for Help or I don't remember their Name. 
True... is true.... I have a very bad Rams or Memory Cards in my brain to remember people's name one especially to my Malays friends ( Sorry about that ) so I called them Hey... Brother!!!!!! like that.
I also don't know why I'm like that hardly to remember people's name one, Dulu I'm not like that one you know.... I think is because after I had an accident before kana knock on my head so become like that liao.
Ok so Back to the "Bruther" things lah. Why I had this words come out.. Ok "Bru" you know lah is short cut of Brunei right? "Ther" is the last cut of Brother... So Bru+Ther = Brunei's Brother!!!
So now you get it??? Ok then start for today I'm gonna use this new words to address my old friends, new friends or justed friends. I know you name or don't your name also call that... even you next time see me also can call me that 

Beach Bunch New Logo & T's

I just got it this yesterday our Beach Bunch new T's and printed with the new logo..... Isn't it looks great with the new colors and the design? 

Old T's and Logo 

Finished Angry Birds Summer Picnic Season

Finally I finished the whole level of AB summer picnic season game and all with 3 stars. This game is the longest time I took to finish one coz everyday they only unlock one stage for you to play. One you finish one level then you have to wait for tomorrow and that's is the reason why it took me so long to finish lo. Luckily I still have the Angry Birds Rio to play with if not I don't know what's new game can for me to play during I making cake in the toilet!!!!

One day in stage 14 I was world ranking no 5 before..... Don't play play man!!! But today I kana kick away until ranking 5 thousands plus.... T.T 
I really don't understand how this people can play so high marks one!!! This people really insane one!!!

Mr.Lim In Action

No it wasn't me lah.... I where got so steady have this kind of hobby one.... that's my father one lah.
Not wander I smell something bad in the living room lupanya my father starting with his art thing lah. 
I long time didn't see my dad doing this liao... the last time I saw this moment I think is about 12 years ago. I'm not sure why all of sudden he have this mood to writing again.. most probably maybe is because his friend told him to do so or another international competition he is gonna attend.
Don't play play...... this old man got many talent and yet the son here also don't know one!!! 
As far as I know he did win a lot of trophies for this and some of his works are keep in the China bla bla bla museum there.    

TelBru Media Appreciation Night


Come let's play games and stop reading!!!

I don't know how he do it..... but is really awesome with his magic 

Ok let start you engine....

Apa ti kan!!!! I have no idea what is that mean man........

Is Ok we lost game one but we won the second game...

Reeda Malik giving a speech... Talima Kasi Mayak-Mayak!!!!

What a wonderful night we all have!!! See you again next year!!!

Beach Cleanup With PTEM @ Meragang Beach

Last week joined PTEM cleanup the Meragang Beach. Only we 3 musketeers from Beach Bunch turn out saja the reason is because Friday is many of them are working cannot participant but never mind lah got us already enough sudah. I had lost count got how many people to participant but I think got at lease 70 people on that day. Not just we 3 BB and PTEM teachers and students but also other communities and school too. Is was a great day and having fun there and hope we can joining them some more!!!
Peace... and Keep The Beaches Clean and Enjoyable.

Exotic Pets Expo 2011

Don't miss this out the Exotic Pets Expo 2011 at the Kiulap Hua Ho Mid Year Sale Expo.
Inside they have more than 40 different snakes and reptiles. Most of the collection is owned by Eddy. Check out his blog here. Is really worth to have a look inside there unless you are a Ophidiohobic "afraid of snake" one lah! Yes at 1st I am a bit afraid of touching them but after a while understand them I start not takut and dare to touch them. It feel really smooth for some snake and I didn't expected they are so good boy and good girl. 
I see this hobby getting popular on this day... I also feel like want to keep one also but I was told by Ezam make sure I really love this pet and can taking care them for 15 to 30 years coz some of this animal can live up to 30 years long so make sure you really take them as your part of family. Don't just play play for few years then throw them away like no body. So after the few consideration I think I quit for this hobby coz I don't think I can tahan that long. So I', going back there again but this time with my family.. It is great place for family and kids to visit and is really worth for some education about the reptile also.
It started opened already from today 22 July until 21 August time 10am-10pm. $3.00 for kids, $6.00 for adult and half price for senior citizen to entry.

He so brave

I guess snake also know how to choose people one... 

Adik ni macam Pro lah!!!

She look sexy..... 

I see numbers!!!!! Did you see what I see??? hehehe