You Took My Home, I Stay Your House

Spotted Broken Hornbill

I was having my lunch at the KB hawker center behind the chinese school together with my long time no see friend. After the meal we just chit chit chat chat there... Then all of sudden I hear a big loud bird's sound. I was curious about what kind of bird is that on the palm tree. Then my friend told me that is the hornbill bird. 
What?? hornbill?? what the hell is he doing here??? I seldom see and heard hornbill fly to human residency area. Don't they just stay in jungle??? Every time I went down to Miri that is the only time I can see them flying across the road from one jungle to another. But why not this broken hornbill are here. So I slowly walk under it and take picture lah...  then my friend say just go only they won't takut you one. ARE YOU SURE they  won't fly away? wow that good... so I walk really really close to the hornbill about 3 meter away as you can see the picture below.

I never have a experience that can so close to a wild life bird in Brunei here. I was really surprise that why they don't afraid human and now can live with us. Then I was shock to hear that my friend told me this..... They are now easily can see everyday at Seria and KB town. Then I ask when is this happen??? I remember they are rare to see in town or people's house roof top. Then he told me is in this 2 years time lah.

Ok.... so in this two years time...I see and I know why liao lah!!! Simple as ABC coz their home as gone. Coz their home has become to our house now. I'm not surprise see this thing happen coz you know that how big is that piece of land had took away to build new housing from Seria to KB there. 
What to do... we gain some, we lose some!
 Is Ok they can come and stay with us anyway. I'm sure the hornbills can survive and all they need is to drop down their old living standard and style. Just learn the surviving skill from the pigeons and crows I'm sure you all will be fine. Luckily you all are in the protected species list so don't worry anyone will come to harm you.