World Blood Donor Day

Yesterday I went down to KB and taking part with this event World Blood Donor Day. What I mean by  I'm taking part is I taking some part of the event Picture. Ya lah ya lah.. I'm a loser I didn't donate blood.
What to do..coz someone asking me to go chill chill with him so my blood are not fit to give.
So anyway is was a great turn out of this event. Nearly hundred of people came to donate but only 50 people are qualified with their blood. This global celebration is organized by QOS Sdn Bhd, The Swiss Hotel Apartment, Prego Mauri Restaurant and Tat Place And Cafe and it was held at the the QOS project office start form 8am to 12 noon. 
Don't play play.... even the Dj Izan also came down all the way from Bandar just to donate her super power wonderful blood. 

I can see most of the donor there are their first time loh. You easily can see their are really really nervous. They're avoid to look at the needles and use all kind of way just to calm down but I do salute they all can fight with their fear and came to donate. I really proud of you all especially Izan.... Why Izan??? hahahaha coz this is my first time I see a person bloods coming out from one arm and the tears also coming out from both eyes!!! Coz she was really afraid of needles and yet she wanted to give her bloods and help other people who need it. I'm sure she had a wonderful nice experience with this.

Yea... we all nervous now but really to go!!!

Listens music is one of the best way to calm.

No... I'm not gonna help you to donate!!

I Did It!!! Who wants my Ribinna?

The two Big Boss Man from  Prego Mauri and The Swiss Hotel & Apartment.
Mr. Mauri and Jeffrey Chung