What Else They Cannot Do???

Seriously what else they cannot do there? It almost nothing that they cannot do. As long as you say out one sure can do for you. But of coz we call that things is 'Fake" lah. Fake egg, fake oil, fake meat, now even RICE also can be fake already. I really wonder where did they came out the idea to make fake food and selling to people makan one!!! Tell you true true one lah... I don't trusted foods products from China anymore. As long as food from China one I never buy it anymore. Is not that I don't like China things, for using one Ok lah cheap cheap broken already just throw lah but Eat... mmmm no way man!!!! Died also don't know what is happening!!! Like this video below one... is saying that China now also got some Rice is make from Plastic.... Don't play play ah is plastic ah!!! that also can! Jialat man!!!!! 
Last time we buy things have to see where is it come from. From Japan one sure good. Malaysia, Singapore Ok can not bad also, Form Australia... mmm wonderful although a little bit expensive but worth it. Now.. China one... mmm better put back... I die never mind but for my children!!!
I wondering what FAKE thing they gonna coming out next..... Was it Fake Water??? Fake Salt??? Fake MSG??? Fake Nasi Katok or Ayam Penyet????? Can't wait to see!!!!