The Swiss Hotel Apartment

This is my first time I went down to KB to visit The Swiss Hotel Apartment. I remember last year their
staffs and managements did join us for the Beach Bunch cleanup at the Tungku Beach.
I have a great time been showing around the hotel by the General Manage Jeffrey Chung and the Operation Manage Charlene Chan. Tell you true true one lah it's really not bad you know the hotel. I didn't expected a small hotel have such a great rooms and facilities. Free internet in every rooms, wifi at lobby and Prego Mauri restaurant. One thing I like about their hotel is they make use the natural lights from out side to brighten the rooms, lobby and restaurants. This is a good idea to save energy and green. You know lah... green people always like to see this kind of thing one lah so me also no exception.

The Reception 

They have show me 4 rooms during the trip but too bad sorry I can't show you all the picture I took. Too many picture already how to upload all you show you kan!!! So here are the some picture I gonna show you their room looks like. Basically the room's design are almost the same... it just that big room or small room. After looking the room I also now thinking to renovate my room look like that. I feel very comfortable with the room and especially their bed.

Every room is equipped LCD Tv and Dvd player.

This save box is awesome. Don't worry that you gonna forget the passwords that you key in. You can use you any card like member's card, department store discount card or credit card as long as you card have the brown line that can read one then you can swap it can open it liao... cool right!!! Ya I know some people were worry their credit card's information kana curi and been use. Ai ya this kind of thing no need to worries one lah.. people's factory already know how to solve it one lah!

A nice view from outside the hotel. I notice that the KB town not much of big big high high advertising sign board one... Very nice right!!

Got mini bar also here... yea... nothing special here.. every hotel also having mini bar too. But there is one thing is difference... which is 

Free!!!!! Soft drinks free... biscuits free... instance noodles free... coffee tea and milo also free. And is refill again every day. Awesome kan???

If don't like the mini bar foods you also can eat here at the Prego Mauri.

 Meeting room also have here. As long as you not having any WWE activities I think the hotel sure can let you use... heheheh!!! For more info about the hotel you can call their hotline number +673 3331668.