Small Problem Lah

Early in the morning see news paper and this are the tropic I saw and I already know sure someone would talk about it one. But tell you true true one lah, I don't see what so big deal about this issue... why??? coz students studying over there one year only come back and go 2 to 3 times per years only... Is not that really bad lah RBA cut off the flight!!!  If is everyday story..ah that is different case lah!!!
So what are the real BIG DEAL about this flight things??? FOODS of coz!!!
Hello we people here are eating Aussie Beef one you know... now no more direct fight from Aussie so how we going to eat that again? Not only beef but some other like Tins, Cans, Packaging foods, fresh milk, fruits and vegies too. So is it gonna be import from Aussie to Singapore then to Brunei again like that???  I don't know lah ok but that is the only way I can think. Foods is all we need daily but now soon no more direct flight from there so you and me have to get ready maybe the Aussie foods price is gonna be increase loh!!! Increase never mind ah... if is out of stock and that is problem liao, worst come to worst eat Made In China one loh!!!