I'm sure many of you hear about this thing lah right. Last few week you see paper and Tv especially the taiwan channel one.. everyday sure can heard this new. A young boy asking me what is 塑化劑/ Su Hua Zi. In english is call Plasticizer. I don't know why they want to add this in the food lah at first lah. And it started for the Taiwan. Luckily an aunty work in the MoH science lad and she found out this. Then sekali go check other foods also got added this plasticizer contain. 
Plasticizer is made for what ka???
Plasticizer are additives that increase the plasticity or fluidity of the material to which they are added; these include plastics, cement, concrete, wallboard, and clay. Although the same compounds are often used for both plastics and concretes the desired effects and results are different.
Jialat.... like that also can put into the foods.. This kind of Black Heart people I really speechless them.
Few years ago the China's milk got this Melamine and making the whole wiwiwawa.. now is this Plastic PVC incident then What next???? Makan susah.... Tak makan pun susah.... nak macam mana???? haiya... apek sekalang mayak sakit kepala!!!!!!!!!