A Place Must Go At Gold Coast

Why you wanna come to Gold Coast? If you are not a gambler come for the casino or a surfer for the beach!!! This is the place because you came for. Warner Bros Movie World.
Is very easy to drive over here... Me this kaki also can cari the lobang and reaching here so I don't see you people have the problem to come here by yourself. I suggest you rent a car and come here coz it can save a lot of money on the taxi and some how you have no problem to go back town once the amusement park has close. Friend... you don't expected to see got taxi outside car part there and waiting for you!!! 

Let's talk about the park!!!! Among the package I still have a feeling that is not worth it. First is our baby too small for here... not much game for her to play, Secondly is souvenir shop, boutique and cafe have more then the rides. Third is fews ride is temporally out of order even for kids one. So that is it I feel a bit disappointed. It is worth to come lah but maybe it just not my time yet. I should wait for my daughter bigger a bit then come here again then I'm sure is gonna be having more fun. 

Cafe and shop where way!!!

One thing if you come here you must have two things.. their Maps and your watch/clock. You must be look at your time all the times and make sure you didn't miss the show. Coz some of the show they only perform one or two times a day. Like this Stunt Driving you should miss it. I tell you I really love this show... sorry not much photo showing this coz mostly I taking video. Their driving skill really steady man... This is the only place I feel the tickets is coming back. 10/10

Kids section... that is why I should wait for my daughter turn to kid first!

Wild Wild West.... yea... is very west and out of order!!!!

Son: Daddy...daddy.... look!!! Is Batman!!! looks Batman... I love him man.. he so cool.. Look at his Bat Mobile cool man cool...!!! Look.... daddy look!!

Daddy: Yea... BadGirl... Yea... whip me harder.... yea

 Is makan time!!! Oh man I wish we have this here... yumyum!!!