@ Perth

Perth nothing much activities happen over there lah this trip, it just feel likes going back our second home. Everyday went to Coles and Woolworth buying foods stuff. Last year I did talk about at Perth already so this time I'm not saying much about here lah, just showing you of what I saw over there... No food reviews and places suggest to go loh. Perth is a place that you'll feel relaxing. 7am sure wake up already, Milk, Roti and telur never miss in the morning,  Driving speed limit always between 60 to 80 km, Food outside you eat minimum $8 to $10 aud you have to spend(per meal)... Shop mostly close at 5pm. 9pm or 10pm is sleeping time liao!! Yes you feel like you are an Orang Tua there. Macam like a retire man there loh. Tourist attraction you go one time sure won't go second time liao unless you have someone new with you and never been there lah. So what is fun there in Perth? I say buying a house with nice compound plus got apple or orange tree, just a car not need to be big cc coz you can't drive fast there, a boat and a motorbike for a ride every weekend and bicycle is a must with your family. So that is fun living in perth... Oh ya.. buying lottery every Thursday and Saturday hoping one day you can become a multi-millionaire there... and that will be awesome and wonderful life you have there!!

Everyday after I buang sampah in morning and evening then sure I went to the park jalan-jalan. It just in front of our door saja. Did you see behind me the bench seat under the tree? That is where I did my iPad video at last year lah.

Spotted a nice scooter at the Perth City but don't know what brand is that. 50cc is enough to use in the city liao lah!

I wanna be a rich man!!!!!!

Not so hard to find it here too.....

I guess he is jobless.

mmmm... guess who gonna win at the end of the game? The young girl or the pineapple with wearing a hat!!! 

Went to a Sunday market near the Curtin University. Mostly they are selling their home grow vege. Snap this picture a young boy singing on the park, not bad.... David Lazarus check out his website.

This cute little girl posting for me to taking her picture.... cute lah!!!

This is a very good idea we can have in our community coz it has the 3R concept.

In come to food you hardly find is worth it over there. Example this Nasi Lemah already cost you  Brunei dollars $8.45 or RM$20.00 p/s: size is smaller than a packet of Nasi Katok.

Chocolate milk... never missed over there... tell me how not to get fat!!! 

My wife bought one of this over there.

Visit Perth Apple store.. Guess what I saw.... Each apple's display gadget there is a iPad 2 is for telling you the price list, spec and other compare. even ipad2 itself also have one ipad2 infront of it! Awesome!!! there is over a hundred ipad2 just to tell you the price list! cool man!!!

Watching Oprah Winfrey's last show... Bye bye Oprah finally she retire liao!!!