No Service, No Hotline

Last night I received some called and sms that people asked me do I having internet services with my computer? Yes I also don't have for the whole night and that's is why I last night I very early jump to my bed and sleep. what to do??? NO internet so Sleep lah!!!
Why not internet?? I also don't know!!! People don't want to tell you what you can do!!!! Even you call up their hotline also no use coz it use to be "press 1 for english, press 2 for bahasa melayu......" and what I hear in the phone is " The Number You Have Dial Is Not Yet Sigh" wah.. like that also can!!!
I do understand this kind of "System Down" things happen all the time. No body want it and blame on it. But why we still want to call and ask is because we want to know 'Why and What's Happening'. All you need to do is explant it, not just cut off the hotline and tingalan lah. 
Is like this one lah... good things no body want to say but bad things all people came to bi b i ba ba at you.
What to do.... definitely is like that one already, if not like that where go improve right!!!
Ok now my internet is back to business, well done you did a good job I'm sure you very tired already last night. Thanks for giving back me the Internet. Make sure you don't cut off you hotline anymore.