My Nikon's Eye At Perth

Ai yo this Burung Gagah anyway you go there sure can nampak one.. as long as out door I guarantee  you can spotted them but the worst one is Sea gull. Outside cafe, park or mana saja... as long as you start makan sure they fly to you looking for belanja makan one. First time you feel that very cute coz they macam never takut people one.. but slowly slowly you'll found they are very annoying then you started worry don't know when they gonna pooh pooh on your head. So remember do not feed them if you see them kalau inda you gonna see more and more coming to you asking for food tu!!!

All this while I though that Scientology is some of the people they don't believe in God they just believe in Science only. After I taking this picture and I started to search it on the net then I realize it's getting more and more complicated. Read already I still don't understand what is this meaning by Scientology!!! I give up.

Do you salah-salah and buy this back home and cook to eat. Walaupun it display just next to the meats section but you have to know that this is not for man to eat one... All this are Dogs and Cats food!!!

Maple leafs starting turning the colors liao... Nice right!

Drinking Chocolate Milk look like everyone favorite there.. oh and scratch cards also, hoping can win some money lo!!!

Nothing much to say about this picture... just want to show you how so Kiasu is it with the lift button. Takut people cannot see which floor wanted to go there.

Eucalyptus trees is on of my favorite tree to snap with my camera. There is a lot of different type of this kind of trees there. some with skin and not, And is tall so there is many angles for you to train your skill to taking picture. 

Last but not lease... I was surprised heard someone called my name at the Target. Wah.. the world so small.. there also can met Brunei's friend. What a small world.
She malu to be inside my blog~ Anyone know how is she? and that is her husband. tips.. RBA's ex-crew.