My Audition Video

Updated: to see other competitors videos click here

For people how like this youtube channel DigitalRev Tv I'm sure you and me also like the 2 hosts Lok and Kai. I been follow their channel since when I 1st got my Nikon D90. Lok and Kai both of them really funny. So 2 days ago I just posted my audition video to them for taking part their contest "Internet's Most Talented Photographer" 
Don't play play..... their prize really attracted  me. The winner can fly to Hong Kong with return ticket plus 4 day 3 night accommodation in a 5 star hotel plus USD$1000.00 to spend plus a Nikon D7000 or Canon 60D(choice one) plus meet their teams and crew, video feature, trophy and website feature.
Good or not!!! Good kan?? kan ?? kan??? 
I know in Brunei also got many Pro, Semi Pro, No Pro one Photographer out there. Come let's join together see you can beat me or not!!! 
I also don't know can be the winner or not one but just try try and play play see how loh... No harm one right!!! Mana tau me this peanut photo kaki can win leh!!! hehehe if I win some pro photo kaki sure cry no tears loh!!! hahahah
So if you also want to participate this contest just click at this link here and see see look look there. Let me tell you.. is very easy one lah!!! 
I hope that I can masuk this contest and beat other challengers!!! Wish me luck!!!
Here are my audition's video!!!! Nothing special one lah.. it just my another day video saja!!!