More KL Foods & Stuff

Of coz that's is not is it what I had over the KL there lah... But if you want me to talking one by one...wah I don't know my holiday trip have to talk until when lo... Still got Perth and Gold Coast again lah. Talk until next year lo I think. So here I just make it short cut saja lah. Picture and little bit of info saja lah!!

My Nasi Goreng KLCC hehehe.... make by myself.

The oldest prison at the KL city has taken down... Over a hundreds years building also cannot kana keep it.... Sayang also lah... If this is orang putih's country sure become other purpose liao! Like restaurant or museum.    

I actually wanted to buy this shoe... very special the shoe's not flat one. It can correct the way we walk but too bad I found that is very hard for me to walk properly so I didn't buy!!

Having breakfast with my buddy and his family... my daughter like his daughter to give he drinks there!!! Sweet!!!

This place their food really not bad especially this Lau Sa Bao!!

Like that also can on the road... really steady!!! Malaysia Boleh!!!

Saw this car park in the middle of the road early in the morning at Alor Street when I want to tapao food.
Sure don't play play with this owner man....!!! I wonder who having WHY 1 !!!

Eat at the One Utama  Little Cravings.... not bad lah!!! Hungry liao what also nice one lah!!!

Looks like kuih tiao but not!! is called Chang Fen

Nasi Lemak... I still prefer  our ayam penyet here.

Don't know what is inside there... hopefully is not dog meat lah!!!

My daughter's new friend at my uncle house.... his name is call Wang Wang!!!! money money come!!!

Stroller form Afghanistan????

Too many picture I take but too bad really don't enough time and space to share with you. Last but not least I spotted Phua Chu Kang's brother's vegetarian wife Margaret Phua ( Tan Kheng Hua) at the Lot 10