Meet Up KL Fans

I was so glad to met one of my blog reader at the KL during my trip there. I really didn't expected he really want to met me up, at first I was though that he just kidding. Sekali last last he really came to my hotel and picked me up. He also bring his family together too. Too bad my daughter wasn't feeling well that day so my wife and mother in law didn't follow.
I did mention his named on my last few post his called as PG. He bring me go the one of the best Fried Lala, Moon River Kuah Tiao/Yut Kwong Ho and Hockian Mee. The restaurant name is called Mei Yuan and it located at Jalan 20/7 Paramount Gargen Petaling Jaya. copy and paste the address you can find them at google maps. Some more the local food blogger also got coverage their foods and giving a good reviews and comments. Check out here and here
I was told by him he say how good and so good...sampai in the car I already can't wait to see the real things. Frankly speaking it really didn't disappointed my tongue's taste buds and I love the foods there.
 One of the reason why is nice of coz the Kong Fu of cooking must be good lah, I think is because they are cooking it using charcoal... yes seriously they are using charcoal to fried all the food. No wonder the foods taste different them other... I really strongly recommended you should try the food here especially their sweet and sour fried Lala and Yut Kwong Ho or Hockian Mee. You never disappointed one lah.
p/s: is non-halah here.

The look of the restaurant mei yuan 

Chef in action.. that's the charcoal in buring.. sometime the fan blow strong strong you can see the mata api fly high high there. 

Yut Kwong Ho/ Moon River Kuah Tiao... 
Why it call like that??? did you see a moon reflected on the river????

This is the sweet and sour lala..... After you eat then you going to sing la laa la la laaaaaa..... must eat!!!

Hockian Mee!!! yummy!!!

O Jian!!! Fried oyster with eggs... I love this dishes. Every time I Bangkok sure have to eat this one!!

This asam sotong.... very nice too!!!

We had order two different soup one is Lala Soup and the other I can't remember liao!!!
The lala soup really really yummy man.

This is the halfway we makan.... I can't believe we really can finish it by 4 person!!! At the end of the makan.. I also tapao the lala and mee back to hotel for my wife she also said very nice too!!