Mari Planking Sama-Sama

Alright..... finally I did my real first planking here. I did it at the Yayasan Shopping Complex right after we have received a cheque from the British High Commission. We just did it for fun only...hahahah and I just found out Planking is not an easy thing to do. You must have enough power to hold your body straight there for 10 to 20 second and some you need to have hold your breathe for few second too. If your camera man are not good enough maybe you need to do couples of time just to get it right. It is quite fun doing it with your friends but I strongly recommended do it in safety lah... After every planking  you did sure your face bring smile. Down here are the some guys I know in Brunei and they also recently doing their planking too. If you also would like to share your Planking you can join here and post it in the Facebook PlankSafe page which I just created.
 Let's having fun. Remember Planking in the safe way dude!!!