Of coz after the makan makan he didn't just that spending my back to the hotel lah, After I gave the tapao we continue go for second round which is drinking section. He bring me to a club name Alive which is located at the Sunway Lagoon. Wah don't play play with my this new friend lah... People come here have to Q-up and wait for seat and this guy so steady one just go to the counter and see see look look the book then tarus walk in for are a corner and ready for happening. I feel like a VIP man!! Among the people there I am the only one who wear short...hahaha. That night we drink a lot man... we order 7 tower of beer there on that night. One tower cost RM$120.00. I also meet new friend that night but hardly remember their name lah. One person I sure remember one is the owner of the club, a young and beautiful lady own and run the business. The lady with baju putih is the boss lah!!!

I love the crowd because I see that the people there look like come to enjoy not look for trouble, that;s why I feel save and fully enjoy my mood. Not like in Miri there.. don't know when and how you kana people mark!!! I love this place here, so if you want know how happening is it  click and watch my video below! This club is more like Chinese and Pop style one lah but if you want Hip-Pop and R&B one just go don't few block and there is a real black people always go one!!!