The Journey Begin

So how is my family trip? It it super duper happening man...17 days, 2 countries, 6 times on board, 26 hours flight, across a continent. It sound tired but I still think it is worth for it!
We using Air Asia to KL and Perth then Jet Star from Perth to Gold Coast. So let talk about the KL first. The only think I dislike is the KL's weather... coz is hot there... is hotter than Brunei here. Traffic is also one of the major problem too. For them they are used to it but not for us loh. The rest is Ok.. Best part in KL is I met some new friends there especially my fans Pg Loi. Please don't get wrong his name Pg his is not a Pengiran Ok!! People there just call him P G there and is not a title.
Thanks to him I have wonderful night over at KL. He show me the delicious food I really love it and a happening night club.
Shopping also not bad but too bad not for me, it only enjoy this is my wife and her mom. 
I have to special thanks to my Uncle and the family, my old buddy Winson New and PG Loi, without you guys we couldn't having so much fun and safe trip over there.
On my flight I also see some of my friend having a same flight too... not only they 2. Guess which boss also together with us the one behind the orange shirt.

Safety landed at the LCCT. The first time I do is waiting for my daughter's Sport Car. That is the only think I worries every time we taking the flight. Coz if my daughter stroller have lost... jialat we have to carry her where ever we go... is like you carrying a rice bag on your hands everyday man... so you say worries or not lah!!! Luckily from day one until 17s the stroller  is save and unhurt but it just a bit dirty saja lah.

My cousin Jason Tak. Thanks to coming to pick us up.