How Is She Now

Seriously I don't know who is she and I never see her in my life yet.... But she is part of my memory during my teenage time. She is the cover girl of the book namely Abode of Peace. I'm sure many of you also see her face on this book lah right! You what... I some time I really wondering how is she look like now and how is her life. Did she kahwin already or having how many kids kah. For me this picture is just like as same as the one on National Geographic the Afghanistan girl. Is in our mind for many years and yet we still don't know her!!! 
Of coz Brunei here is a very small country want to find a person actually is not that susah one lah, not like the Afghanistan girl have to spend few months to search, proof and identified is it her or not.
I won't surprise and disappointed if one day I really meet the cover girl if she is look a bit difference.  
Everyone sure look difference after many years one lah right.. unless you go and have some botox lah.
But tell you true true one lah... I rather never see her in my life coz I prefer her perfect image in my mind forever. Is not that I love her but I just don't want her (now) to spoil the image in my memory or so many years.