Hotel We Check In

We checked in at Radius International Hotel. Reason is close the Alor Street, Bukit Bintang and Sungai Wang, Walking distance to Pavilion also just few minutes so is very convenient for us. But the only things inconvenient is for our baby's stroller. Every time go out that area also susah.. car, bus, motor everyway.. crossing the road and street also not easy. road for man walk also become car park or food stall. No systems at all one there... suka suka hati as they like one.

The food there also not bad lah... as long as you dare to eat then you shouldn't have problem. Hygiene.... put it aside lah!    

Of coz you still can find some got standard one restaurant there lah. Like this one here Restaurant Dragon View also not bad here. 
If you dare dare like me one, no takut foods poisoning one... I introducing you to try this uncle wong's fried KT or mee.. Is yummy man.. the Peneng F fried KT not bad. 5RM per plate. I tapao this back to hotel as our breakfast. It has banana leaf in the tapao... once you open it you can smell the banana leaf through your nose into you brain man!!! 5RM with prawns, clams and chinese sausage...mmmm worth it lah.

I'm not 100% sure which stall is the best here at Alor Street. Coz the whole street is for foods... So I can't tell you which one is the best here. But for my experience and my local friends there, if you want too looking for yummy foods there.. is not inside the KL. We have to go outside the KL and sure the nice foods is out there.
Worse come to worse you and me will stuck with this fast foods again there.