Hope Getting Better

Last year I think is much better. This year seen like ok ok but still I don't think as smooth as last year 2010. 
I remember I had mention in my Facebook someday in April or May I said "Start from the Day One of the Chinese new year I had heard people pass away." What I mean is the people pass away is I know or there are famous one lah. Of coz in the world everyday also got people die one, but this year is true like not as smooth as last year loh.
First is one of my friend's father who had pass away at the Chinese New Year Eve. Elizabeth Taylor , Japan tsunami victim, and then recently is this Ignatius Stephen..... ah this one I'm sure you know one lah right. Then yesterday the 'Jackass' star Ryan Dunn also dies in the car accident ( see here
mmmm..... jialat lah like that!!! like the one hang himself outside of the building at the Kampong Serusop one there, then at the Beribi near the scout camp one a decomposed female body found, and this at KB a chinese man commit suicide in his room using burning charcoal. I know of coz there is many more people pass away I didn't mention but anyway now do you get what I mean or not? So you see lah every month also got this kind of news going around....
Now almost finish the end of mid year already so I hope coming the next six month no more hearing this kind of new loh!!!