Guess Where Is It

Guys... you guess where is this place?? A piece land of tree has been cut off about 6.30km long and 3.12km wide. Omg I though this one only can see on Tv like the one in National Geography but in real real just next to us also have like that o... Jialat lah like that!!!

I long time no using my Google Earth flying here flying there.. so today I open it and type Brunei then I saw the google earth has update some new image. Then suddenly I saw a piece of land in between Brunei and Temburung why a big brown thing in the middle of the jungle one. Then I slowly zoom it out baru I realize all the trees there has be cut off!!!! Wao.... so Jialat lah!!! how come and how can like that one!!! If I'm not wrong I think those of the trees there almost all got over few hundreds years. Coz is an untouch land there... So now the trees there are gone!!! First thing in my mind is not when the trees are going to grow bach...Is are they going to continue and expand to cut some more the tree???
Now already can see a pieces of green land gone. I not sure in the coming year how is it gonna be!!! 
OMG this is really serious lah..... I'm sure the boss oh really really really Kaya now one!!!
Jialat that also can...!!!

Here are the picture I saw on the Google Earth. As you can see the red box there.. that is the place which is no more trees. Sorry my drawing wasn't that good. I just aga-aga show your where is belongs our land  saja.
If you using the google maps you still see the land is green. Only if you use google earth then you can see. I think maybe that is the old one on google maps. See just only few year it can be done like that.. What is gonna happen in next 5 or 10 years time!!! 

Image from Google Maps

This is from Google Earth!!! Did you see the different???? Jialat right???

Sorry I'm not a land researcher so I don't really know how to count the area how big or how long.
Can anyone out there help me to count big is it they had cut down the trees? Thanks

Look at that.... the really good with their job man.. Look they can cut it look like our finger print.
Can't believe this is done by human.

I guess this is their factory kali!!!