George Lam And Sally Yeh In Brunei

George Lam and Sally Yeh you don't know who??? Ai yo.. is林子祥 and 叶倩文 loh... Their angmo name is George Lam and Sally Yeh lah!!!
They both now are in Brunei and stay at the Empire Hotel. Last night I busy body went there and snap snap them. hehehe finally I personally see them real...
Happy of coz happy to see them one lah... why no happy o.. During my late 80s and early 90's listen their song one oh!!! Don't play play... until now some of their song I still remember how to sing one man!!!! Especially their duet song Chosen/選擇. This song during the hey day in Karaoka or people's wedding dinner sure got some couple sing on the stage one.
By the way they are going to stay in Brunei for 3 more days... If you lucky enough maybe you can see them around in Bandar. Of coz the best place to stock them is at Empire Hotel lah. Tips: They like to playing golf.
Why they came to Brunei??? Holiday and Enjoy our country here loh!!! I think one lah!
I didn't approach to them and asking taking picture or what so ever coz I think I shouldn't went to disturb them. You know lah.. Hong Kong star most of them don't like paparazzi  one lah right!!!
So I just stand at a corner from far far and took their picture.. so that's why the photo macam like blur blur one. Is Ok lah.. is enough can see their face already.. Of coz they are not as young as last time liao.. George Lam now look like a Uncle Lam already but Sally Yeh still can see got maintains lah... mmm Not bad not bad!!!
Anyway... that is the end of their story and I hope they both have a nice trip and enjoy staying in our Brunei Darussalam here.
I'm sure you wondering how I know they here one right!!! hehehe...... adalah!!!

Uncle Lam!!! Welcome to Brunei Darussalam!!!

Sally Yeh... I Lap You!!!

If not because of they come to Brunei I also don't know that  I still can remember how to sing this song

See..... because of waiting for them my legs and hands more than 30 places bite by the mosquitos jialat man!!! But anyway all of this is worth it!!!