First Time Shop At Naafi

Have you heard about Naafi? I heard it long time already but this is the 1st time I went there. Of coz KBians and Serians sure know where is this shop located lah but I believe not the East Coast people know one lah. Is located at the Seria Gurkha Camp and is open for public one. 
Yesterday is the Isra' Mi'Miraj public holiday so went down to Seria with my family to visit their relative lah. So we went to this shop and see see look look what can we have there. Honestly is you nest time go KB/Seria jalan jalan don't forget to visit here... is worth to come. Is not a very big shop but things inside there totally different like Indian Shop. I saw they got Apple's products, Washing machine, Microwave, Camping Gears, imported frozen foods and many more. The best thing I saw they selling there is Alcohol. Yes all kind of beers, wines but off coz is not for us one lah.. only sell to the British Garrison kaki tangan saja. 
We spend 20 minutes in the shop and this is the thing I got there. I hated mosquitos very much.. yes is very very hated that type. So any mosquitos product I also interested to buy one. This is new I never see it before. It say can stops itching with just CLICK. Wah so special man... so I bought it lah. Guess what and how is this plastic clicker thing works??
 After I bought it and opened inside the car to discovered it I still don't know how it works until before I want to post this in my blog than I know. Is a electrical shock deviser. T.T
I feel like kana tipu one but also excited this thing is it work or not. Now I can't wait to get bite by a mosquito and try this thing see is it really don't feel itchy. 
How to use it? Basically it say once you get bite by the nyamok and you use this to click click one the spot. It will have a electric spark from the black spot to your skin.Click 5 times and the itchy will gone. If itchy come back again then click it again so you not need to use scratching and scratch until your skin bleeding loh. I'll update this post again see this is true this thing work or not lah!!! 

( Updated) Yea I can say it works lah but is not no the spot one lah. It have to click 5 times every 30 second like that than few after few minute it feel numbs, not bad lah but only one thing is when kana bite already and you use it you were fell more itchy lagi... but just tahan awhile it will start numb and don't feel itchy at all. Good lah not bad can buy and keep it!!!