First Meal At KL "Restaurant Sun Ming"

This restaurant is the first stop after we landed. By the time is already nearly 1pm and yet there is full house. My Uncle to us this is the best roasted duck on there area. Everyday full house, people line up to tapao or dine in just because of their duck. Frankly speaking.... it didn't disappointed me. You should come and try it. p/s is non-halah!!!

Their duck is Fat and Juicy but not Oily. Totally is different from the duck we had here. Normally we had here is oily and and skinny same like Miri or Limbang one but this one here are a bomb. Skin is crispy like pinking duck and the meats are juicy and easily melting in your mouth. No wonder my father he like the food here lah and every time come sure my uncle bring him here.

Not only their duck is good, sausages, char sao and BBQ pork also very yummy.

Here are their address. To locate this place you can use google maps or your iPhone Maps to locate it. Just type the address sure you can find it.