Facebook's Check In

 I know I know.... I also some time like to share where is my location with all my friends that using this Check In. I'm sure many of you also ever use this facebook feature Places that you can telling or sharing with your friends where are you right!. But do you know some places is you sharing it will causing your friends and families to worrying?
Yes it does have this kind of places, example this 2 places I posted here. This places are not welcome to show in your status one.. seriously I'm not kidding! Just like last night one of my friend she checked in at this place Emergency there. I was shock to read it on my phone suddenly it pop up on my screen. it say

Masaki xxxxx 
In Ripas Emergency now.

Wah friends... you shock or not if you suddenly see this kind of message of not? Then I see she status already got some friends comments and asking what's going on with her! I tarus call her up see what's happening... sekali she said " No lah.... I just visiting my nephew saja..."
So you can imagine the rest of the story lah. She delated her status and apology at the end of the day.
So the moral of this story telling us is... "Don't simply simply click Check In if the place is not interested, If really really want to tell please added a comment in the "what are you doing?" column too!  Thanks.