Eat,See,Play And Do @ Gold Coast

Seriously... if you ask me where to go over there? I can only say is the Five Worlds!!! Which five worlds? Warner Brothers Movie World, Sea World, Dream World,Wet 'N'Wild Water World and White Water World. If you are young and adventure yes this five world all you can go, but if you are not or having baby or kids under 5.. I suggest you just go the water world lah. Don't waste your money on other theme park liao. Of coz there is other place to visit one but make sure you rent a car there first lah.
Renting a car wasn't that hard even driving there also very easy. Just drive east to west and west to east is  Ok sudah.. I'm sure you won't get lost one. We had rented a this car just only aud$36.00 per day come full tank. Four days diving fuel consumption only less than half tank.. why so less?? coz 60km speed limit in town how to makan minyak!!! 

Of coz there is some place worth to visit. One of my favorite is the beaches and this place really the surfer's paradise. Too bad I'm just an internet surfer if not I also go surf surf there. I can't believe of what I see yo... seven morning eight morning already got people go surfing, swimming and fishing.... and the was water so freezing cold yet they can tahan so swim and surf there. Maybe that is the reason why people came where for the beach... It was so clean and beautiful and people just can't resisted it.
Every morning I came down to the beach and have a walk. The beach is very closed to our apartment it just 150m away. I really like their beaches and especially their safety  infrastructure. Life guard and tower, beach information etc.... which is awesome and we need all this on our Brunei beaches too and that is what we do for the Blue Flags project now no Meragang Beach.

Sign board showing you where to swim, when high tide and low tide, wave height,wind speed yes/no to do. macam-macam ada lah!!!

If you are who like shopping like my two women there... Pacific Fair is one of the place you should come then.. a shopping center that look like a town!!! I not sure how big is it but it just big until I don't know where actually I am. I bought a Croc sandal which having 50% discounts over there and that's the only thing I got. Shopping is not my favorite but I like to see see saja, I prefer makan foods and sightseeing. 

Here are some more places also not bad too... like the Jupiter Casino, Ripley's Believe It or Not, Wax Museum or dinning at Dracula's Cabaret Restaurant . If you don't like to get into this... maybe you can like me doing this also.. walk walk around and taking pictures.

The Hard Rock Cafe.

Ferris Wheel

 Wanna ride my Limo Humbie??? I'm wonder the owner is it related to me???

You call this "Special Price Australia Abalone"? 

I don't understand this.... Is it selling the chair or teeth whitening service provide???

Oh.. I love this bench! A very good design idea came form surfboard.

Hungry go left thirsty go right!!!

Can anyone do this here?? I want one of this too!!!

Random Picture.

If all that you also don't like that last is come to food liao lah.. But foods there you don't expect come with cheap lah oh..ok!!! Sikit sikit already 8 to 10 oz dollars sudah. Here are the some food I makan over there.. mostly are not bad.. expensive but sure can give to full full until wu wu... but not with the Maggi Mee at below there, nearly bnd$2.50 still can make you feel like got eaten...

Kebab every way also nice.. Always double size form our one!!! Yummy

Lasagna also not bad but just feel a bit expensive loh!!

Hungry Jack/Burger King... one of my favorite fast food there. I like the beef cooked came with BBQ smell.

My first meat at Gold Coast... Katsu Chicken.

Lots of Maggi produce we don't have here and even in Singapore and Malaysia... Why ah???
I thought Maggi is come form Malaysia one and how some we don't have this here ah? Compare with Indo mee, I still think Mee goreng are better a lot la!!!