Champaka Park's Water Tank "PACAH"

Jialat lah like that!!!! My kampong here soon sure gonna no water supply for a period. See the Tanki got a big hole there...sooooo big man!!! It happen since last night don't know what time lah. All the water inside the tank run down like waterfall and it hit the trees into half. And the house in front one lucky the water only sampai the car park not masuk their house. The car park under there one I not sure how is it lah.. but it look like Ok just the tree branch kana the car only.
How come the water tank can broke until like that oh??? I also don't know why lah... all I can think is the water tank is old already loh.. Now the water is still keep on falling... what a waste with the water.
Don't know how long it has to take to repair it again lah... I better go buy some more water tank to stock up the water first before they shut down the water supply.