At Gold Coast

This is the apartment which where we stay during our holiday at Gold Coast. 
How nice is it? now let me bring you to the tour lah.
This is how it looks like when you walk in to check in. The apartments if I'm not wrong I think got 40 units kali.. so the whole place wasn't really big but just nice.

This is the reception. I like their idea of doing check in. Make sure you booking online if not you have to cross fingers and pray for got room. If your want to check in or check after 5pm, don't think there is someone in the reception waiting for you. But don't worry... just pick up the phone and there is someone who tell you how to check in/out by yourself. Steady lah.... they just tell you the passwords of the safe box, once it open just look for your name on the envelop... the everything is inside there... your keys, room number, terms and conditions.... Awesome!!!

We stay at the top floor of the right!!! Nice right.... You have to clean it yourself, throw your own rubbish, wash the plate/cup, do not dirty the places.. everything must be return back as same as when you check in if your want to check out, if not gonna charge you for another 50 dollars. It sound macam unfair to the guest but I think which is Ok one lah.... Once you see inside the apartment you sure gonna like it and make it as your home too.

This is the living room, outside is the balcony and that's is my brother in law sitting on the couch watching the 32 inch lcd tv. Quite big lah the apartment.. 2 rooms, 2 toilets, kitchen, dinning table... macam-macam ada lah but no room service. Their provide some restaurant contact number and menu for you so you can call them for delivery.   

The kitchen have everything you need but food. So everyday we went to the local supermarket and buy food to balik masak!!! Meat and Cone never missed for every dinner!!! Can't remember how many kilo I giant over there already! 

My mother and bother in law's room.

And this is our one lah... FYI there is no aircon provided in the room, only living have. rooms only have celling fan... so I suggest summer time better don't come here and stay..unless you all sleep at the living room lah.

Got swimming pool jacuzzi also. It has hot water also but got time period. The best time to swim is not in the afternoon. Try it at the night time and wait see got hot chick or not.... if got just jump into the jacuzzi and enjoy the night!!!heheheheheh

One thing I like here is they giving one bottle of wine for you when you check in. One day One Bottle... Yes I'm not kidding but you have to go down to the reception there and take lah.. Too bad I'm the only one who drink so we didn't take much just only bottle saja I drink.

They also have games and arcade at the basement car park... mmm but the place have a bit spooky lah!!!

This is view from the balcony... at night time pool were turn into blue and purple.... nice right!!! 
 See not bad right the place.. for more info about their apartment.. click on their website  here lah.