First Time Shop At Naafi

Have you heard about Naafi? I heard it long time already but this is the 1st time I went there. Of coz KBians and Serians sure know where is this shop located lah but I believe not the East Coast people know one lah. Is located at the Seria Gurkha Camp and is open for public one. 
Yesterday is the Isra' Mi'Miraj public holiday so went down to Seria with my family to visit their relative lah. So we went to this shop and see see look look what can we have there. Honestly is you nest time go KB/Seria jalan jalan don't forget to visit here... is worth to come. Is not a very big shop but things inside there totally different like Indian Shop. I saw they got Apple's products, Washing machine, Microwave, Camping Gears, imported frozen foods and many more. The best thing I saw they selling there is Alcohol. Yes all kind of beers, wines but off coz is not for us one lah.. only sell to the British Garrison kaki tangan saja. 
We spend 20 minutes in the shop and this is the thing I got there. I hated mosquitos very much.. yes is very very hated that type. So any mosquitos product I also interested to buy one. This is new I never see it before. It say can stops itching with just CLICK. Wah so special man... so I bought it lah. Guess what and how is this plastic clicker thing works??
 After I bought it and opened inside the car to discovered it I still don't know how it works until before I want to post this in my blog than I know. Is a electrical shock deviser. T.T
I feel like kana tipu one but also excited this thing is it work or not. Now I can't wait to get bite by a mosquito and try this thing see is it really don't feel itchy. 
How to use it? Basically it say once you get bite by the nyamok and you use this to click click one the spot. It will have a electric spark from the black spot to your skin.Click 5 times and the itchy will gone. If itchy come back again then click it again so you not need to use scratching and scratch until your skin bleeding loh. I'll update this post again see this is true this thing work or not lah!!! 

( Updated) Yea I can say it works lah but is not no the spot one lah. It have to click 5 times every 30 second like that than few after few minute it feel numbs, not bad lah but only one thing is when kana bite already and you use it you were fell more itchy lagi... but just tahan awhile it will start numb and don't feel itchy at all. Good lah not bad can buy and keep it!!!

iPad 2 For Every Singapore Army

This is really an awesome news for Singapore's army lah.... Everyone new recruits military, air force or nary semua also get one. Not old one oh!!! is the new ipad 2 man!! Wah one hand take M16 one hand take ipad2.. who can be so cool in the world like that!!! I think only Singapore can.
I no play play one...this s true true one.. read the link here and here

My Audition Video

Updated: to see other competitors videos click here

For people how like this youtube channel DigitalRev Tv I'm sure you and me also like the 2 hosts Lok and Kai. I been follow their channel since when I 1st got my Nikon D90. Lok and Kai both of them really funny. So 2 days ago I just posted my audition video to them for taking part their contest "Internet's Most Talented Photographer" 
Don't play play..... their prize really attracted  me. The winner can fly to Hong Kong with return ticket plus 4 day 3 night accommodation in a 5 star hotel plus USD$1000.00 to spend plus a Nikon D7000 or Canon 60D(choice one) plus meet their teams and crew, video feature, trophy and website feature.
Good or not!!! Good kan?? kan ?? kan??? 
I know in Brunei also got many Pro, Semi Pro, No Pro one Photographer out there. Come let's join together see you can beat me or not!!! 
I also don't know can be the winner or not one but just try try and play play see how loh... No harm one right!!! Mana tau me this peanut photo kaki can win leh!!! hehehe if I win some pro photo kaki sure cry no tears loh!!! hahahah
So if you also want to participate this contest just click at this link here and see see look look there. Let me tell you.. is very easy one lah!!! 
I hope that I can masuk this contest and beat other challengers!!! Wish me luck!!!
Here are my audition's video!!!! Nothing special one lah.. it just my another day video saja!!!

Charity Walkathon 03-07-11

Walk for Japan!
This Charity Walkathon is organised by the former participants of the Ship for South East Asian Youth Program (SSEAYP) in collaboration and support with the Youth and Sports Department Ministry of Culture, Youth & Sports.
This project is the special project which aims to show our sympathy and sending the good strong will from all youths and the Peoples of Brunei Darussalam to our Japanese friends and their families who have suffered from the recent 13th March Earthquake and Tsunami disaster in Japan.
As a token of gratitude and in memory of all the times that the Japanese Government has paid for our expenses during the SSEAYP Program, and the Japanese people who has held a special place in our hearts. Remember all the homestays, those unforgettable times on Nippon Maru / Fuji Maru and all the brothers and sisters we made all over South East Asia.
How to Get Involved
Make a donation: Every cent counts. We can assure you that whatever you donate will go directly to the National Fund “TABUNG KEMANUSIAAN MANGSA BENCANA GEMPA BUMI DAN TSUNAMI JEPUN”, [Japan Tsunami and Earthquake Humanitarian Fund ] 

To all former National Leaders and Participating Youth of SSEAYP, Collect your Donation Cards at the Secretariat Office in the following address:
No 10, Spg 32-5,
Jalan Anggerek Desa, Brunei Darussalam

This event is also opened to member of the public, for more information, please contact:
Mr. Razali - 8863529
Dk Maswati - 8116726/8156726
Mr. Mohd Ali Hashim – 8844682
The walkathon will be held on 3rd July 2011 at 6.30 am and will take place at Track and Field, Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah National Sports Complex, Berakas and will be officiated by Dato Paduka Sa Bali Bin Abas, Permenant Secretary at the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports.

Man Category 5KM

Female Category 3KM

BRUNEI's alumni of the Ship for South East Asian Youth Programme is inviting the public to join them in sending 'care notes' to quake and tsunami victims in Japan.   
SSEAYP International Brunei (Bersatu) has started the 'Heart for Japan' project in which they will send pieces of paper with handwritten notes showing support to the victims.

Our idea is that the victims can read the notes before using them for folding into paper cranes, a traditional symbol of hope for the Japanese.

We had begun collecting the notes at the start of the Youth Festival on Friday (March 2011), and will continue to collect until end of August 2011.
Included in their collection was a note signed by the Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, stating "I give my warmest condolences to all who have been affected by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, My heart goes out to you in your time of sorrow".
The  SSEAYP members have close ties with the Japanese people, having spent a good amount of time with Japanese nationals aboard the ship as well as having foster families in Japan. 
"Anybody who wants to write a message to support the Japanese people, please contact us through our Facebook Fan page, the SSEAYP International Brunei.

You Could Be The Winner

Do you want to win a night stay at The Swiss Hotel And Apartment?
I got one voucher given by them and I think one of my reader should deserve it!!!
All you have to do is answer 2 simple questions.. Ya is very very simple question one!!!
1) How many cans of soft drinks am I holding in my visit to Swiss Hotel?
2) Tell me what makes you like my blog.( Not need to be long long one... Short short one also can)
See easy right??? The answer of the first question you can find it on my previous posting.
Who can participate???? Anyone also can lah as long as you have a valid IC and 18 years old above then is Ok liao lah!!! If you are from far far away from a galaxy also can join but make sure you buy a flight ticket come to Brunei and collect it from me lah ha..OK!!!
Email me your full name, contact number, IC number and don't forget the 2 question as above then send to my email address
Contest end on 2nd July 2011.
Winner will be announce on the 5th July 2011.
So what are you waiting for??? Do it now dude!!!!

Just Have To Be Careful

Take a look on this picture!!! What's wrong with that??? Yea is driving on a the Right Lane.
I'm not in America or France... this picture is taken in Brunei. The building on the right is the Airport Mall. So I just want to share this to you people if drive in there make sure you don't salah drive on the left lane coz that is One Way Out!!! So better be careful if you never been here before!!! Next month the airport mall some shop gonna be open and sure many people go there see see look look one so hopefully this will not causing you people in trouble lah!!!

Small Problem Lah

Early in the morning see news paper and this are the tropic I saw and I already know sure someone would talk about it one. But tell you true true one lah, I don't see what so big deal about this issue... why??? coz students studying over there one year only come back and go 2 to 3 times per years only... Is not that really bad lah RBA cut off the flight!!!  If is everyday story..ah that is different case lah!!!
So what are the real BIG DEAL about this flight things??? FOODS of coz!!!
Hello we people here are eating Aussie Beef one you know... now no more direct fight from Aussie so how we going to eat that again? Not only beef but some other like Tins, Cans, Packaging foods, fresh milk, fruits and vegies too. So is it gonna be import from Aussie to Singapore then to Brunei again like that???  I don't know lah ok but that is the only way I can think. Foods is all we need daily but now soon no more direct flight from there so you and me have to get ready maybe the Aussie foods price is gonna be increase loh!!! Increase never mind ah... if is out of stock and that is problem liao, worst come to worst eat Made In China one loh!!!

Tony Moly Open Soon@Airport Mall

What Else They Cannot Do???

Seriously what else they cannot do there? It almost nothing that they cannot do. As long as you say out one sure can do for you. But of coz we call that things is 'Fake" lah. Fake egg, fake oil, fake meat, now even RICE also can be fake already. I really wonder where did they came out the idea to make fake food and selling to people makan one!!! Tell you true true one lah... I don't trusted foods products from China anymore. As long as food from China one I never buy it anymore. Is not that I don't like China things, for using one Ok lah cheap cheap broken already just throw lah but Eat... mmmm no way man!!!! Died also don't know what is happening!!! Like this video below one... is saying that China now also got some Rice is make from Plastic.... Don't play play ah is plastic ah!!! that also can! Jialat man!!!!! 
Last time we buy things have to see where is it come from. From Japan one sure good. Malaysia, Singapore Ok can not bad also, Form Australia... mmm wonderful although a little bit expensive but worth it. Now.. China one... mmm better put back... I die never mind but for my children!!!
I wondering what FAKE thing they gonna coming out next..... Was it Fake Water??? Fake Salt??? Fake MSG??? Fake Nasi Katok or Ayam Penyet????? Can't wait to see!!!!

No Tell You You Also Don't Know

OH!!!!!!!! ya lah..... I'm sure 'OH' is your first reaction after you see this picture lah right!!!
heheheh that is it.... the new Brunei Hotel's logo is similar look like our Brunei one hundred dollars note the transparent logo sign. I can say this is an brilliant idea!!! Why I never think about that oh...aiya too late liao lah!!!
I'm sure many people form Bandar or work there also don't even notice this. I just asked two person work at Bandar they both everyday pass by here also didn't notice this. 
Hey.. I really like this idea lah... how I wish I can meet and interview the person who came out this idea one!!! Awesome man!!! 

George Lam And Sally Yeh In Brunei

George Lam and Sally Yeh you don't know who??? Ai yo.. is林子祥 and 叶倩文 loh... Their angmo name is George Lam and Sally Yeh lah!!!
They both now are in Brunei and stay at the Empire Hotel. Last night I busy body went there and snap snap them. hehehe finally I personally see them real...
Happy of coz happy to see them one lah... why no happy o.. During my late 80s and early 90's listen their song one oh!!! Don't play play... until now some of their song I still remember how to sing one man!!!! Especially their duet song Chosen/選擇. This song during the hey day in Karaoka or people's wedding dinner sure got some couple sing on the stage one.
By the way they are going to stay in Brunei for 3 more days... If you lucky enough maybe you can see them around in Bandar. Of coz the best place to stock them is at Empire Hotel lah. Tips: They like to playing golf.
Why they came to Brunei??? Holiday and Enjoy our country here loh!!! I think one lah!
I didn't approach to them and asking taking picture or what so ever coz I think I shouldn't went to disturb them. You know lah.. Hong Kong star most of them don't like paparazzi  one lah right!!!
So I just stand at a corner from far far and took their picture.. so that's why the photo macam like blur blur one. Is Ok lah.. is enough can see their face already.. Of coz they are not as young as last time liao.. George Lam now look like a Uncle Lam already but Sally Yeh still can see got maintains lah... mmm Not bad not bad!!!
Anyway... that is the end of their story and I hope they both have a nice trip and enjoy staying in our Brunei Darussalam here.
I'm sure you wondering how I know they here one right!!! hehehe...... adalah!!!

Uncle Lam!!! Welcome to Brunei Darussalam!!!

Sally Yeh... I Lap You!!!

If not because of they come to Brunei I also don't know that  I still can remember how to sing this song

See..... because of waiting for them my legs and hands more than 30 places bite by the mosquitos jialat man!!! But anyway all of this is worth it!!!

Cool Bookmark

Check this out. This cool bookmark really special one. Look like 3D and also like a video that in a piece of card. I not sure how they made it but is really awesome. I remember during my primary school time also have something like this one also but wasn't that cool lah. It just only have to step of movement saja like bye bye left right left right like that. But this one I saw at the Australia Souvenir Shop one is totally different it macam really move or jump in the card. But of coz this is not cheap yo... Nearly Bnd$11.60 wah... I see see look look can already, don't dare to buy lah!!!


I'm sure many of you hear about this thing lah right. Last few week you see paper and Tv especially the taiwan channel one.. everyday sure can heard this new. A young boy asking me what is 塑化劑/ Su Hua Zi. In english is call Plasticizer. I don't know why they want to add this in the food lah at first lah. And it started for the Taiwan. Luckily an aunty work in the MoH science lad and she found out this. Then sekali go check other foods also got added this plasticizer contain. 
Plasticizer is made for what ka???
Plasticizer are additives that increase the plasticity or fluidity of the material to which they are added; these include plastics, cement, concrete, wallboard, and clay. Although the same compounds are often used for both plastics and concretes the desired effects and results are different.
Jialat.... like that also can put into the foods.. This kind of Black Heart people I really speechless them.
Few years ago the China's milk got this Melamine and making the whole wiwiwawa.. now is this Plastic PVC incident then What next???? Makan susah.... Tak makan pun susah.... nak macam mana???? haiya... apek sekalang mayak sakit kepala!!!!!!!!!

No Service, No Hotline

Last night I received some called and sms that people asked me do I having internet services with my computer? Yes I also don't have for the whole night and that's is why I last night I very early jump to my bed and sleep. what to do??? NO internet so Sleep lah!!!
Why not internet?? I also don't know!!! People don't want to tell you what you can do!!!! Even you call up their hotline also no use coz it use to be "press 1 for english, press 2 for bahasa melayu......" and what I hear in the phone is " The Number You Have Dial Is Not Yet Sigh" wah.. like that also can!!!
I do understand this kind of "System Down" things happen all the time. No body want it and blame on it. But why we still want to call and ask is because we want to know 'Why and What's Happening'. All you need to do is explant it, not just cut off the hotline and tingalan lah. 
Is like this one lah... good things no body want to say but bad things all people came to bi b i ba ba at you.
What to do.... definitely is like that one already, if not like that where go improve right!!!
Ok now my internet is back to business, well done you did a good job I'm sure you very tired already last night. Thanks for giving back me the Internet. Make sure you don't cut off you hotline anymore.


Hope Getting Better

Last year I think is much better. This year seen like ok ok but still I don't think as smooth as last year 2010. 
I remember I had mention in my Facebook someday in April or May I said "Start from the Day One of the Chinese new year I had heard people pass away." What I mean is the people pass away is I know or there are famous one lah. Of coz in the world everyday also got people die one, but this year is true like not as smooth as last year loh.
First is one of my friend's father who had pass away at the Chinese New Year Eve. Elizabeth Taylor , Japan tsunami victim, and then recently is this Ignatius Stephen..... ah this one I'm sure you know one lah right. Then yesterday the 'Jackass' star Ryan Dunn also dies in the car accident ( see here
mmmm..... jialat lah like that!!! like the one hang himself outside of the building at the Kampong Serusop one there, then at the Beribi near the scout camp one a decomposed female body found, and this at KB a chinese man commit suicide in his room using burning charcoal. I know of coz there is many more people pass away I didn't mention but anyway now do you get what I mean or not? So you see lah every month also got this kind of news going around....
Now almost finish the end of mid year already so I hope coming the next six month no more hearing this kind of new loh!!! 

The Swiss Hotel Apartment

This is my first time I went down to KB to visit The Swiss Hotel Apartment. I remember last year their
staffs and managements did join us for the Beach Bunch cleanup at the Tungku Beach.
I have a great time been showing around the hotel by the General Manage Jeffrey Chung and the Operation Manage Charlene Chan. Tell you true true one lah it's really not bad you know the hotel. I didn't expected a small hotel have such a great rooms and facilities. Free internet in every rooms, wifi at lobby and Prego Mauri restaurant. One thing I like about their hotel is they make use the natural lights from out side to brighten the rooms, lobby and restaurants. This is a good idea to save energy and green. You know lah... green people always like to see this kind of thing one lah so me also no exception.

The Reception 

They have show me 4 rooms during the trip but too bad sorry I can't show you all the picture I took. Too many picture already how to upload all you show you kan!!! So here are the some picture I gonna show you their room looks like. Basically the room's design are almost the same... it just that big room or small room. After looking the room I also now thinking to renovate my room look like that. I feel very comfortable with the room and especially their bed.

Every room is equipped LCD Tv and Dvd player.

This save box is awesome. Don't worry that you gonna forget the passwords that you key in. You can use you any card like member's card, department store discount card or credit card as long as you card have the brown line that can read one then you can swap it can open it liao... cool right!!! Ya I know some people were worry their credit card's information kana curi and been use. Ai ya this kind of thing no need to worries one lah.. people's factory already know how to solve it one lah!

A nice view from outside the hotel. I notice that the KB town not much of big big high high advertising sign board one... Very nice right!!

Got mini bar also here... yea... nothing special here.. every hotel also having mini bar too. But there is one thing is difference... which is 

Free!!!!! Soft drinks free... biscuits free... instance noodles free... coffee tea and milo also free. And is refill again every day. Awesome kan???

If don't like the mini bar foods you also can eat here at the Prego Mauri.

 Meeting room also have here. As long as you not having any WWE activities I think the hotel sure can let you use... heheheh!!! For more info about the hotel you can call their hotline number +673 3331668.

How Is She Now

Seriously I don't know who is she and I never see her in my life yet.... But she is part of my memory during my teenage time. She is the cover girl of the book namely Abode of Peace. I'm sure many of you also see her face on this book lah right! You what... I some time I really wondering how is she look like now and how is her life. Did she kahwin already or having how many kids kah. For me this picture is just like as same as the one on National Geographic the Afghanistan girl. Is in our mind for many years and yet we still don't know her!!! 
Of coz Brunei here is a very small country want to find a person actually is not that susah one lah, not like the Afghanistan girl have to spend few months to search, proof and identified is it her or not.
I won't surprise and disappointed if one day I really meet the cover girl if she is look a bit difference.  
Everyone sure look difference after many years one lah right.. unless you go and have some botox lah.
But tell you true true one lah... I rather never see her in my life coz I prefer her perfect image in my mind forever. Is not that I love her but I just don't want her (now) to spoil the image in my memory or so many years. 

World Blood Donor Day

Yesterday I went down to KB and taking part with this event World Blood Donor Day. What I mean by  I'm taking part is I taking some part of the event Picture. Ya lah ya lah.. I'm a loser I didn't donate blood.
What to do..coz someone asking me to go chill chill with him so my blood are not fit to give.
So anyway is was a great turn out of this event. Nearly hundred of people came to donate but only 50 people are qualified with their blood. This global celebration is organized by QOS Sdn Bhd, The Swiss Hotel Apartment, Prego Mauri Restaurant and Tat Place And Cafe and it was held at the the QOS project office start form 8am to 12 noon. 
Don't play play.... even the Dj Izan also came down all the way from Bandar just to donate her super power wonderful blood. 

I can see most of the donor there are their first time loh. You easily can see their are really really nervous. They're avoid to look at the needles and use all kind of way just to calm down but I do salute they all can fight with their fear and came to donate. I really proud of you all especially Izan.... Why Izan??? hahahaha coz this is my first time I see a person bloods coming out from one arm and the tears also coming out from both eyes!!! Coz she was really afraid of needles and yet she wanted to give her bloods and help other people who need it. I'm sure she had a wonderful nice experience with this.

Yea... we all nervous now but really to go!!!

Listens music is one of the best way to calm.

No... I'm not gonna help you to donate!!

I Did It!!! Who wants my Ribinna?

The two Big Boss Man from  Prego Mauri and The Swiss Hotel & Apartment.
Mr. Mauri and Jeffrey Chung

You Took My Home, I Stay Your House

Spotted Broken Hornbill

I was having my lunch at the KB hawker center behind the chinese school together with my long time no see friend. After the meal we just chit chit chat chat there... Then all of sudden I hear a big loud bird's sound. I was curious about what kind of bird is that on the palm tree. Then my friend told me that is the hornbill bird. 
What?? hornbill?? what the hell is he doing here??? I seldom see and heard hornbill fly to human residency area. Don't they just stay in jungle??? Every time I went down to Miri that is the only time I can see them flying across the road from one jungle to another. But why not this broken hornbill are here. So I slowly walk under it and take picture lah...  then my friend say just go only they won't takut you one. ARE YOU SURE they  won't fly away? wow that good... so I walk really really close to the hornbill about 3 meter away as you can see the picture below.

I never have a experience that can so close to a wild life bird in Brunei here. I was really surprise that why they don't afraid human and now can live with us. Then I was shock to hear that my friend told me this..... They are now easily can see everyday at Seria and KB town. Then I ask when is this happen??? I remember they are rare to see in town or people's house roof top. Then he told me is in this 2 years time lah.

Ok.... so in this two years time...I see and I know why liao lah!!! Simple as ABC coz their home as gone. Coz their home has become to our house now. I'm not surprise see this thing happen coz you know that how big is that piece of land had took away to build new housing from Seria to KB there. 
What to do... we gain some, we lose some!
 Is Ok they can come and stay with us anyway. I'm sure the hornbills can survive and all they need is to drop down their old living standard and style. Just learn the surviving skill from the pigeons and crows I'm sure you all will be fine. Luckily you all are in the protected species list so don't worry anyone will come to harm you. 

Guess Where Is It

Guys... you guess where is this place?? A piece land of tree has been cut off about 6.30km long and 3.12km wide. Omg I though this one only can see on Tv like the one in National Geography but in real real just next to us also have like that o... Jialat lah like that!!!

I long time no using my Google Earth flying here flying there.. so today I open it and type Brunei then I saw the google earth has update some new image. Then suddenly I saw a piece of land in between Brunei and Temburung why a big brown thing in the middle of the jungle one. Then I slowly zoom it out baru I realize all the trees there has be cut off!!!! Wao.... so Jialat lah!!! how come and how can like that one!!! If I'm not wrong I think those of the trees there almost all got over few hundreds years. Coz is an untouch land there... So now the trees there are gone!!! First thing in my mind is not when the trees are going to grow bach...Is are they going to continue and expand to cut some more the tree???
Now already can see a pieces of green land gone. I not sure in the coming year how is it gonna be!!! 
OMG this is really serious lah..... I'm sure the boss oh really really really Kaya now one!!!
Jialat that also can...!!!

Here are the picture I saw on the Google Earth. As you can see the red box there.. that is the place which is no more trees. Sorry my drawing wasn't that good. I just aga-aga show your where is belongs our land  saja.
If you using the google maps you still see the land is green. Only if you use google earth then you can see. I think maybe that is the old one on google maps. See just only few year it can be done like that.. What is gonna happen in next 5 or 10 years time!!! 

Image from Google Maps

This is from Google Earth!!! Did you see the different???? Jialat right???

Sorry I'm not a land researcher so I don't really know how to count the area how big or how long.
Can anyone out there help me to count big is it they had cut down the trees? Thanks

Look at that.... the really good with their job man.. Look they can cut it look like our finger print.
Can't believe this is done by human.

I guess this is their factory kali!!!