What's Next Coming Soon

Now already May still not yet summer ka? When is it going to release this OS X Lion Oh???
I wait for this almost my neck long like giraffe liao lo... why still haven't  got see any shadow of this kan!!!
I think maybe this is an another marketing plans of Apple lah... 
Last month until now we got iPad2 for Asia market then white iphone4 then now got new iMac... so what's next? See.... every time is like that one bah... once you see the Asia market all Apple produce line  semua all come out already then they sure going to show the world their new Greatest Invention...
Last press release Steve Jobs said 2010 is their year of iPad(in 9 months) and they want 2011 also the year of Ipad2, don't know coming next he also going say 2010 is their year of iPhone4 and 2011 also wanna to be the year of iPhone5 or not oh!!! I guess iPhone5 is really coming very very soon.. and I can't wait to see it how it looks like. Some say is almost look the same with iPhone4 with no 3 gap around the phone.  Wait a minutes.... did any one this time found an iPhone5 in the Bar again? Or maybe you think is an iPhone3 that you found in the ladies room but actually maybe is an iPhone5 tu!!! But think about it I still prefer the iPhone4 story at last year... So dramatic... sampai FBI also come out and search the guy's house and confiscated his computer and other stuff and gadget too.

Say true true one lah... what kind of gadget or great invention Apple make they still have created one feature I want which is " Water Resistant/Waterproof ". You see if my iPhone, iPad, iPod or iPod Touch all can play under the rain, beaches, swimming pool, jacuzzi, Spa, bathtub isn't it gonna be more so awesome? You see we can play music, watch video and play games during shower or the kids can play iPad in the pool with some water apps.... Wah friend if can like that one sure Apple going to earn another multi billions again!!!