True or Not? 14 Magnitude????

There is an old man who in live in Taiwan identifying himself as Teacher Wang. He tell the whole world that he had predicted on the 11th May 2011 at 10:42 am there is a 14 magnitude Mega Earthquake hit on the Taiwan. Wah.... friend true or not O... 14 magnitude earthquake don't play play man!!! And he also said that the island north and south going to separate in to two, the building of taiwan 101 break into 3 part, the  Taiwan Presidential Office gonna collapse. Next is hit by the 170 meter high tsunami and there is more than half population of Taiwan people going to die...

Hahahahaha...... ya lah of coz for us we think this is a prank and joke but for him is not leh..... He had bought 33 of container at the south part of taiwan.Staying in the container is the only way to save the life he added. Funny things is there is some people also believe of what he said. They also follow him to buy container together with him and place on the same area. At the moment there is about 200 container over that place... isn't it insane?  Don't play play... their container also go provide water and electric power supply. Ok now they have their own water and power...guess what Master Wong 2 days ago he had order 9000 bag of rice weight 27 tons it can supply for a army camp for 1 year to eat man!!! 
Hahaha..... I really can't wait to see is it true of not..... Wah so steady ka like that also can predict.
Tomorrow is the May 11 and I want to sit in front  the TV see the taiwan got break into 2 pieces or not.. If this is true I don't know I should cry or laugh for this!!!
If you want to see true true english version of this news you can visit the BBC wed site and see see look look. click here. or here The Watcher.