Let The Time To Be The Judgement

Finally 10:42am had passed away...yet there is no 0.01 magnitude earthquake hit on Taiwan so which mean that the Teacher Wong is a lier. I don't know why he want to do that la but the only thing I can guess maybe he want to be come famous... hehehe...  Don't Play Play with his lie man.... so power one lah some people believe of what he say, move to stay with him but now there is hundreds of container there and I don't know what he doing to do with it. Container is still Ok lah.. put ten years also still can use but the 27 tons/9000 bags of rice I really how he going to eat with it lah!!!

Say true true one lah.... I personally and many people also would like to see his prediction is true or not... although earthquake is not a good news for everyone but what if there is true true got earthquake? Everyone sure also wanted to know how he can predicted so accuracy there...
Funny think is not only him in Taiwan got predict earthquake, In Italy Rome there also the same same. Some of the Italian take a off day no working going outside the house with their family and not sending their children to school just to prevent the earthquake prediction by Raffaele Bendani on 1915. check here.
Anyway..... no disaster is good one lah.. and also we don't want it to be happen too. But any kind of disaster like earthquake, tornado, landslide, hurricane happen in anyway I also don't worries, even like the Mississippi flooded now almost the size like the Italy that big already... for me is still Ok!!! As long as don't tell me the Sahara Desert get flood then is Ok liao... If there got flood I don't know where to go liao lo!!!